How to complete your Packing List

- explainer video -

How to complete your Packing List

This time I was asked to create an explainer video about the packing list, showcasing which info are required in order to book a shipment with Transglobal Express ltd.
I managed the project from the start to finish, from the storyboard to the final version.
Almost everything, the design & assets, was created in Adobe Illustrator apart from the textures which were done using Adobe Photoshop. The animation was made in Adobe After Effects.
I particularly loved creating the seamless looping flag movement (see the Gif below).
I hope you will enjoy the result!

Transglobal Express Ltd

Project manager :

Chris Marr

Script, copywriting :

Chris Marr, Chris Jordan

Storyboard, graphic design and animation :

Irene Pannacci

Voice over:

Greg Marston